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Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre


Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre (AHMC) is located near Bee in the province of Verbania, Italy. Overlooking the suggestive panorama of Lake Maggiore, at an altitude of six hundred metres, Albagnano is immersed in pine and chestnut woods bordering on the edges of the Val Grande National Park and the Holy Trinity of Ghiffa National Reserve.


Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche

Tibetan Master and Healer T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche inaugurated Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre in 1999. He lived in Albagnano since that time, bringing together a community of people who share an interest in spirituality and wish to live in harmony with nature, carrying out numerous projects that contribute to revitalising the village and rural culture. Lama Gangchen  Tulku Rinpoche passed away in april 2020.

Philosophy and Meditation

The centre, of the Tibetan Buddhist Mahayana Vajrayana tradition, welcomes everyone who is interested in regenerating and healing the energies of body and mind, and developing their human potential through ancient spiritual and healing methods.
Courses are held on Buddhist philosophy, psychology and meditation, and on the meditation techniques of NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing.

Traditional Rituals

In addition to the courses and teachings it is possible to participate in the traditional Guru Puja meditation, celebrated every day since the 11th of September 2001, dedicated to world and environmental peace. There are also opportunities to participate in important traditional rituals of healing and pacification celebrated by Tibetan monks, coming from the main Buddhist monasteries of Tibet, India, Nepal and Mongolia.


The centre organises humanitarian aid for communities in the Himalayas, pilgrimages to sacred Buddhist sites, inter-religious meetings for world peace and a range of activities to nurture the body and mind. The centre also welcomes people who wish to undertake individual spiritual retreats in a pure environment.



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