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Garden Generosity

Generosity Garden

What is the Generosity Garden?

It is the programme that offers you the possibility to make a constant and continuous contribution to support the running costs of the Centre so it can continue to offer Dharma teachings, practices and pujas free of charge.

The renewed Generosity Garden includes and replaces the Sarwa Dharma — Dharma for all — and €1 a day donations.

Why participate?


To be part of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche’s great vision of spreading the Buddha’s inner, outer and environmental peace teachings — particularly those of the Ganden Nyengyu tradition (Ganden Ear-whispered Lineage) — by supporting the Centre and its activities.


To practise the generosity of offering the Dharma by benefiting oneself and others..


To become a ‘gindala’ (benefactor) by contributing to the free dissemination of the teachings, practices and pujas for all those interested in the methods of developing inner, outer and environmental peace.


Because the name of the gindala — therefore your name or that of your family or the person to whom you dedicate the offering — will always be present in the Temple dedication book, receiving the energetic benefits of all ceremonies and pujas, as practised for centuries in the Tibetan tradition.

“When we dedicate the merits of our positive actions to the happiness of others, our wishes are spontaneously fulfilled.
‐ Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

Generosity Garden Options
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Generosity Garden (GG) contribution for?

Keeping in mind that all our Dharma activities are offered free of charge, the Generosity Garden contribution will be used to pay for the Centre’s fixed expenses: electricity, heating, water, maintenance of equipment, building maintenance and the Karma Yoga programme.

What is the difference between the Generosity Garden (GG), active since 2005, and this 'new' Generosity Garden?

The idea is to simplify the main support donations into one continuous support programme. By participating in this programme you help the Centre in its fixed expenses and also in its intention to continue offering the Dharma free of charge.

Can the GG contribution only be paid monthly?

No, you can also choose to pay half-yearly or annually.

If I participate in the Generosity Garden programme, do I have to stop my previous Sarwa Dharma and €1 a day donations?

Yes, because, although both previous campaigns are included here, it is a new programme. All recurring payments such as Sarwa Dharma and/or €1 a day must be discontinued and replaced with the new donation options.

How to join/participate in the new GG?

For those joining the programme for the first time, after choosing one of the various donation categories (lotus, moon, sun, vajra or bodhi), choose the payment term (monthly, half-yearly or annual) and then choose the paypal or stripe credit card payment method on the website.

For those who have already contributed to previous campaigns (€1 a day and/or Sarwa Dharma), before making the new donation it will be necessary to cancel the previous one, so as not to have an overlap of payments. Once you have made the cancellation, simply follow the instructions above.

What are the methods of payment for the GG donation?

Payment can be made through our website via paypal or stripe credit card. It can also be made by bank transfer as indicated below:
Kunpen Lama Gangchen Intesa San Paolo Bank IT63D0306909606100000066062 BIC / SWIFT- BCITITMMXXX Causale: Generosity Garden – “category”/”period”
If you like tax deduction please add at the causale “Sostegno al culto”.
It can also be made directly at the reception of the Centre in cash, or by credit or debit card. In this case, only half-yearly or annual payments are possible.

For monthly payments we recommend payment via paypal or stripe credit card or recurring bank transfer. .

At the moment I do not have the possibility to make a recurring contribution, but I would still like to make a donation. How can I do this?

You can make a free donation here

Is the contribution made to the Generosity Garden tax deductible?

If you are a resident in Italy, in order to take advantage of the tax benefits provided for by the Decree of 30 May 2014 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (with an annual limit of € 1,032.91) — and deduct your contribution from your income tax return — you simply have to make a “one-off” bank transfer with the obligatory reason “Support to the civilly recognised religious body Kunpen Lama Gangchen Association – Generosity Garden”.

If you pay tax and are resident in Italy and are interested in obtaining this tax benefit, you can send a specific request by e-mail to:

If you pay tax and are resident in the Netherlands or Germany and are interested in the tax deductibility of your donation, you can contact the respective foundations directly. For the Netherlands: Lama Gangchen International Global Peace Foundation and for Germany:

If I participate in the Generosity Garden by offering my donation to another person, whose name will be entered in the Temple dedication book?

Only the name you give will be entered in the Temple dedication book, read during the Guru Puja.

Can I contribute anonymously to the Generosity Garden?

Yes, your donation will be recorded but your name will not be made public in the dedication readings.

Can I make a contribution of a different amount, higher or lower?

As this is an ongoing programme to support the Centre, particularly for its running costs, we ask that donations be made according to the amounts suggested in the programme. To donate any other amount, you can make a free donation here

Are the names of the gindalas (benefactors) read out every day?

The reading of the names will be spread out over the different days of the week, due to time constraints, but the name will be constantly present in the Temple dedication book receiving the energetic benefits of the Temple itself and all the ceremonies and pujas that take place.

Will the GG contribution be the only way to contribute to the Centre?

There are other ways of contributing to the Centre’s activities either on a ‘one-off’ basis or on a recurring basis, through ‘free/open donation’, contribution for online teachings (streaming and archive) or even by supporting fundraising campaigns for specific projects, Found out more…

What is the minimum contribution period to be considered as a programme gindala?

In order for the Centre to have a fund for its own maintenance, a minimum commitment of 12 months is required.

From when, after the contribution, will the name be read out during the Guru Puja dedications?

For donations made through the website or at reception, the name will be in the Temple dedication book the following week. For donations by bank transfer the time is a little longer unless you send a copy of the transfer to the email:

How can I interrupt my participation in the GG?

You can interrupt your participation at any time with 10 days notice by consulting your donor dashboard or by contacting by email: and giving your name and donation details.


For further clarifications please write your question to