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Bed & Breakfast and Facilities

Lama Gangchen Rinpoche: “Make your holidays into holy days!”

Are you interested to visit our centre and temple to follow a course, to make a retreat or simply to enjoy a spiritual holiday?
AHMC offers all the comforts for your stay in a beautiful environment.

Atikiana Bed & Breakfast

Our centre has a variety of simple but comfortable single, double and dormitory rooms. Surrounded by a beautiful environment, magnificent views, international spiritual company and a stunning Temple, you can relax, study and participate in the activities. A healthy breakfast is included.

In case there are no rooms available online contact the reception: | +39 0323569601

Guests Adults - Children
Children (0 - 12 years)

Information you need to know before your arrival

Enjoy while you stay…

Besides the beautiful surroundings and the magnificent Temple you can enjoy a moment of relaxation or conversation on our often-sunny terrace, go for a brief meditation in the traditional Mongolian Yurt or take a walk through the enchanting Buddha Garden where the symbols of the five elements are beautifully depicted and integrated in the natural surroundings.

Our Services 

Shimbu Coffee Shop


Our coffee shop is open everyday. We serve typical Italian coffees, fair-trade and herbal teas, seasonal organic juices, savoury snacks and sweets, hot and cold meals. Our food is 100% vegetarian and our beverage selection is 100% organic.

Shimbu Buffet


Our centre provides a simple vegetarian buffet for lunch and dinner, prepared with love and care by our Karma Yoga practitioners. We offer Italian, Asian, Brazilian and other dishes, made of fresh, raw and cooked seasonal vegetables and fruits. Lunch is served at 1 pm and dinner at 7 or 8 pm (depending on the programme). You are required to book for lunch before 10.30 am and dinner before 3.30 pm at reception or by WhatsApp +39 392 6490330


Mani Bhadra Shop


We sell many spiritually inspiring items such as incense, made in Lama Gangchen’s residence in Nepal following the Himalayan tradition. All the books, booklets and sadhana’s published by Lama Gangchen Peace Publications can be purchased from the shop. You can also find other Buddhist- and spiritual books, statues, prayer flags, singing bowls, sacred mantra music and meditation cushions. Some items are available online.

Room for Private Groups & Conferences


We have a light, large and comfortable room where we can host groups who conduct their own seminars and workshops for one or more days, provided that the activities are in harmony with the ideology of the centre. Group members are welcome to participate in the daily meditations of the centre and if they wish can have an introduction to Buddhism or other specific activities agreed upon beforehand. The beauty of the surrounding nature also offers the possibility for walks in the woods and visits to the lake.
For information and booking: | +39 0323569601


Membership and Contributions

In order to participate in activities and stay in the centre, one needs to become a member of the association. The membership card can be obtained for €30 from the reception. The card is valid for one year from January to January.

Membership Request Virtuous guidelines for members

The Generosity Garden is the programme that offers you the possibility to make a constant and continuous contribution to support the running costs of the Centre so it can continue to offer Dharma teachings, practices and pujas free of charge.. Ask at reception for further details.