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Donate your time

Become a Karma Yoga practitioner

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre (AHMC) is entirely run by people who donate their time, which in Buddhism is called Karma Yoga.
Karma Yoga is a powerful practice that allows you to accumulate merits (positive energy) and purify karma by offering your time to support the daily activities of the centre. Whether you would like to take a break from your daily routine, or experience a meaningful stay in a pure environment for a while; donating your time to AHMC is a generous contribution and you will receive an unforgettable experience in return!

Information and Application

We are usually looking for support in the kitchen, the coffee shop, the meditation hall (gompa), the gardens, the reception, the shop, Bed & Breakfast and the multi-media department.
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What is Karma Yoga?


Conditions and Benefits

As a Karma Yoga practitioner you must:
– be(come) a member of the association;
– be covered by your own health insurance;
– follow the virtuous guidelines for Karma Yoga practitioners

In accordance with your schedule, you will be able to take part in the spiritual activities of the centre including the daily meditation practices, retreats and philosophy teachings. We also have a specific programme for Karma Yoga practitioners, which generally includes Tibetan class, NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing and Lama Michel’s weekly ‘Morning Inspirations’.

FAQ Virtuous Guidelines