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Courses and seminars

The Centre offers courses and seminars on Buddhist philosophy and meditation. On the NgalSo page you can find an introduction to Buddhism, some written teachings, meditations, questions and answers and a glossary of Buddhist terms. In the Centre there are daily sessions of prayer and meditation, and courses are held regularly to learn how to purify and regenerate the most subtle energies under the guidance of Tibetan lamas and other masters of the three Buddhist traditions (triyana).


NgalSo Self-Healing practices

At the Centre we study and practice the techniques of NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing developed by Lama Gangchen, these are methods that can be used to purify the body, speech, mind and environment based on the ancient Tibetan tantric tradition. Using mantras (sacred sounds), mudras (gestures to heal the subtle energies), visualisations of symbols and colours, and control of the breath, the NgalSo practice helps us to open our energy centres (chakras) that are blocked by the negative emotions of fear, jealousy, pride, anger and anxiety, helping us to regenerate our physical and mental energies.

NgalSo Self-Healing for the environment, Shin Kham Jong So, aims to stabilise and regenerate the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space, which form our body, mind and the universe.


Non-formal education

During all our courses the principles of non-Formal Education to develop Inner Peace are used.

We regularly invite representatives of many cultures and spiritual traditions to teach and cultivate creativity and emotional intelligence, qualities which are essential to peaceful social relations and to facing the difficulties of life with serenity.



Courses of NgalSo Trulkor Yoga, Tai-Chi, Chawang NgalSo Reiki and personalised relaxation sessions based on Tibetan and Ayurvedic traditional methods are all available. We also offer individual consultations and treatments of naturopathy, phytotherapy and much more.


Residential retreats

We are always very pleased to welcome people who wish to undertake a personal spiritual retreat in a pure environment with the right energetic conditions, under the guidance of a qualified practitioner if so wished. The Centre offers all comforts as well as the possibility for those undertaking a personal retreat to take part in the daily collective meditations.


A week by the lake

The Centre can offer hospitality to people who simply want to enjoy the beauties of Lake Maggiore, surrounded by nature and the healing energy of “Little Tibet”. Guests can spend their time between hiking and visiting the picturesque places surrounding the Lake, relaxing on the beaches of Lake Maggiore and Lake Mergozzo or regenerating in the nearby thermal baths of Premia or Locarno. A stay in the Centre can be enriched by participating in the meditative relaxation techniques of NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing, meditation, hatha yoga, pilates or by receiving a treatment to stimulate psychophysical well-being.