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Tibetan Astrology – Calendar Introduction

In the Tibetan Buddhist medical and trantric traditions, astrology is not regarded as superstition but rather as a practical tool to understand and heal our body and mind on the gross, subtle and very subtle levels.
We experience many sicknesses and misfortunes due to outer, inner and secret astrological reactions and malevolent celestial influences. We need particular astrological methods with tantric and mantric power to balance the disturbed and opposing celestial energies and to create harmony with the celestial forces represented by the divinities of the constellation and planets.

T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen – Self-Healing II – LGPP

This calendar is based on Tibetan Astrology and is calculated for midday in Europe.
As a further advice we would like to point out the days of the weeks (and corresponding planets) that are considered generally favourable or not favourable for the 12 tibetan astrological signs:

  Favourable Non Favourable
Mouse Wednesday (Mercury) Saturday (Saturn)
Ox Saturday (Saturn) Thursday (Jupiter)
Tiger Thursday (Jupiter) Friday (Venus)
Rabbit Thursday (Jupiter) Friday (Venus)
Dragon Sunday (Sun) Thursday (Jupiter)
Snake Tuesday (Mars) Wednesday (Mercury)
Horse Tuesday (Mars) Wednesday (Mercury)
Sheep Friday (Venus) Thursday (Jupiter)
Monkey Friday (Venus) Tuesday (Mars)
Bird Friday (Venus) Tuesday (Mars)
Dog Monday (Moon) Thursday (Jupiter)
Boar Wednesday (Mercury) Saturday (Saturn)

For the start of new or important activities it is advisable to avoid the unfavourable week days pointed out above and in the calendar and to choose preferably the periods of waxing moon.

Tibetan Calendar Tibetan Astrology – Table of Year-Animal-Element Astrological practice based on the Kalachakra Tantra Prayer of propitiation of the activities and astrological protection