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Prayer of propitiation of the activities and astrological protection

Om Svasti

homage to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, from the dwellings of the auspicious lands of the ten directions wherein all appearing and existing phenomena are completely pure and whose nature is spontaneously perfect. May everything be auspicious for us. Tararaja, Stirakaushalasa Madashaya, Shri Maitreya Alankara, Shri Varashuba Kirti, Sarva Shayodara Kirtiman, Shri Sumeru Vadaya Kaushalakirti, Shri Sarvasattva Shaya Kirti, Shri Mantushakara Kaushalasu Kirti. Homage to the eight Sugatas. The mere sound of your names increases favourable conditions and success!

Youthful Manjushri, Glorious Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, Protector Maitreya, Kshitigarba, Sarvanivarana Viskambini, Akashagarba and the most noble Samantabhadra. Homage to the eight Bodhisattvas, supreme in bringing favorable conditions and success, who hold with grace the eight most precious emblems (utpala, vajra, white lotus, naga tree, jewel, moon, sword and sun), the sources of joy which make offerings to the Buddhas of all times and all places, who hold the eight most precious signs: the most precious umbrella, the auspicious golden fish, the wishfulfilling vase, the graceful Kamala flowers , the conch of fame and glory, the glorious knot of prosperity, the eternal banner of victory and the all powerful wheel. Homage to the eight goddesses of auspiciousness (beauty, garlands, music, dance, flowers, incense, light and perfume), the mere thought of your essential qualities brings continuous increase in success.

Mahabrahma, Shambu, Narayana, Sahasrajna, the King Dritirashtra, Virudaka, Virupaksha King of the Nagas and Vaishravana, each one with his divine emblem (wheel, trident, conch, vajra, vina,sword, victory banner). Homage to the eight guardians of the world who cause increase in all that is propitious and positive in the three realms.

By pacifying all harmful influences and every obstacle may the actions we are about to undertake be successful and ever increasing in realizations and bring good fortune, prosperity, happiness and peace. (x3)

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