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Communication 2020

Dear members and dear friends,

with reference to the previous communication of 3 May, below is a copy of the memorandum of understanding, signed on 15 May by the Italian Buddhist Union with government representatives regarding the reopening of places of worship following the start of Phase 2 Coronavirus.

The protocol will come into force on May 18 following the prescriptions provided by the protocol of which we invite you to take note.

The protocol contains rules referring both to participants of religious activities and to the organisation of contagion containment measures.

For this specific last point, we inform you that the Albagnano office has already put in place all the security procedures for virus containment and for ensuring adequate reception.

Therefore, your collaboration is necessary in the respect of yourself and others.

If you do visit Albagnano, we ask you to follow the procedures contained in the vademecum below.

We also inform you that in Albagnano, the holiday home will be open from next Friday, 22 May and the cafeteria service will be available, upon reservation, for members only.

For the Milan office, different solutions are being evaluated, in consideration of the limited space of the prayer hall.

You can consult our website for the activities programme of Lama Michel Rinpoche and Lama Caroline and of all the other Dharma events.

We recall that the reopening concerns only Dharma activities, and access to places of worship is currently allowed only to residents of Piedmont for the Albagnano site and Lombardy for the Milan location.

We reserve the right to reopen the subject matter since the situation is constantly evolving.

With the hope that we can return to a full recovery of our activities as soon as possible, we send you our warmest wishes,

Aldo Marzano


In implementation of the latest regulatory provisions on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, (DPCM May 17, 2020 pending publication), MEMBERS are requested to read what is indicated in this document and to comply with the following measures :

  • refrain from entering the Association’s premises in the event of a fever (over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms occurring in the previous fourteen days;
  • refrain from entering the premises of the Association in case of contact with people who have tested positive for Covid in the previous 14 days;
  • on arrival go to the reception to complete the self-certification (if it has already been completed, go to the Reception to hand in the signed document);
  • constant use of the mask inside the spaces of the Center and during prayers in the meditation room;
    respect the entry and exit routes based on the signs displayed;
  • obligation to respect the minimum interpersonal distance of one meter and avoid any contact such as handshakes, etc.
  • the toilets reserved for members are exclusively those adjacent to the bar / restaurant area;
  • in case of use of the lift, the use is allowed for one person at a time;
  • to access the bar-restaurant, use the external passageway and the glass door. For the exit, you can use the glass door in the bar area or the internal staircase with exit adjacent to the shop;
  • use the containers especially placed in the area outside the Gompa and restaurant to throw away used gloves and masks.
  • Follow the procedures indicated therein.
  • For any clarifications, contact the Karma Yoga contact person with a special recognition badge.