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Dear Sangha,

We are very happy to share that, on 18th September, we concluded the activities of the ‘The Rain of Blessings” Festival, which began with the International Inauguration of the Borobudur – Temple of Heaven on Earth, attended by 70 important lamas of our lineage.

It was an historical moment which saw many practitioners, lay and ordained, of our lineage praying and meditating together and generating an incredible accumulation of positive and healing energy dedicated to the inner peace of all sentient beings, to world peace, to the regeneration of the five elements and to the swift return of our precious Guru Drubwang Gangchen Rinpoche.

In addition to the inauguration, we received the blessings of various pujas, ceremonies and a meeting of the Tibetan community in Europe who gathered at our centre to celebrate the International Dorje Shugden Day, followed by an intensive retreat. There were more than 30 different pujas and ceremonies, among them, Yamantaka sand mandala ritual, Rabne Chenmo, Great Puja of Medicine Buddha, Yamantaka purification practice to help the deceased, 2 days of ritual to promote climate balance, healing puja of the Heart Sutra to reverse obstacles, two dharma walks in nature.


We are deeply grateful and pray for the long life of Lama Michel Rinpoche who effortlessly worked for the realisation of the Temple and of this great event, to Geshe Losang Phuntsok for the general coordination of the monastic guests and to all our Sangha members whose generosity made it possible to cover the costs!

In particular, we would like to express heartfelt thanks to all our Karma Yoga practitioners who dedicated their energy to make the event possible extending this gratitude to the members of the Albagnano and Bee Sangha who offered their homes to host our guests for the entire period, to those who helped to organise all the transportation and to the international Sangha who hosted our guests with love and care during the tour in Europe and Italy.

Once again we were able to experience Drubwang Gangchen Rinpoche’s teaching that together we can!

We dedicate all the merits accumulated with the special ‘Rain of Blessings’ Festival, to the long life of our beloved master Lama Michel Tulku Rinpoche.
Thanks again to everybody for your constant and continuous participation and support.

With love in the Dharma,

To watch the highlights of the Inauguration click here