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Buddha’s Brain: reconciling science and spirituality

06oct18:3020:00Buddha’s Brain: reconciling science and spiritualityConferenza con traduzione in italiano 18:30 - 20:00(GMT+02:00)

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Buddha’s Brain: reconciling science and spirituality

“Just as we systematically explore the outer world as astronauts, we can also systematically explore our inner world as psychonauts through meditation. This not only has measurable effects on our minds, reducing mental disorders and enhancing well-being, compassion, attention, and wisdom, but it also impacts our bodies, including the immune system, blood pressure, and the brain. Body and mind cannot be separated; they are two manifestations of the same entity: ourselves. Similarly, science and spirituality are two perspectives on reality that need not remain separate; they can complement each other. In this talk, we will examine the effects of meditation and spirituality from a scientific perspective.”

These activities support the completion of the temple library ¨ NgalSo Gyatso, the Ocean of Relaxation, the House of Holy Scripture¨.
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