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Kunpen Lama Gangchen (KLG) was established in Milan in 1989 as an “Institute for the propagation and study of the Himalayan Healing Tradition and of the Buddhist Mahayana-Vajrayana philosophy.” Since 1992, KLG has organised regular courses and meditation sessions of the NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing practices, transmitted by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche with the blessings of his precious guru.

Since its founding, KLG has hosted many great and highly realised lamas who have bestowed on those present initiations and special blessings, amongst others: Geshe Yeshe Tubten, Gelek Rinpoche, Ribur Rinpoche, Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk, Geshe Tendar, Geshe Ngawang Sherab, Geshe Lobsang Tenzin, Prof. Domepa Yonten Gyatso, Panchen Otrul Rinpoche and so on. The centre has also had the pleasure of hosting the young reincarnations of H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche.


trijang2 ZongTulkuRimpoche
Lama Trijang Tulku Rinpoche
Lama Zong Tulku Rinpoche
Panchen Otrul Rinpoche
Rilbu Rinpoche
Gelek Rinpoche
Gosok Rinpoche
Gongsar Rinpoche
Rabten Rinpoche
Geshe Tendar
Geshe Jampa Tekchok
Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk
Geshe Losang Tenzin
Geshe Jampa Lodro
Geshe Jampa Ghiazo
In recent years, Kunpen Lama Gangchen has counted on the valuable presence of Lama Michel Rinpoche who, with great skill, has been able to convey the teachings of Buddhist philosophy in both English and Italian.

KLG was one of the first dharma centres in Europe to deal with the study of the Tibetan healing sciences, hosting a large number of professors and doctors who have given teachings and insights by guiding courses in many different aspects of the subject. Many of the projects dedicated by Lama Gangchen to world peace also began here: the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, the Spiritual Forum, Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre, the non-profit humanitarian aid organisation Help in Action , the publishing house LG Peace Publication and the musical project of LG United Peace Voices.

From KLG the first tantric dances of the Tibetan monks in Europe were organised and, with great effort, a self-financing system was created for monasteries located in India, Nepal and Tibet. During some of the pilgrimages led by Lama Gangchen, a number of significantly important documentaries were filmed, co-produced and directed by Marco Columbro. These films offer glimpses of the history of Tibet, life in the Tibetan monasteries in India, Mongolia and Nepal, and on the Borobudur mandala in Indonesia from which the meditative practice of NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing was inspired.

In May 2003, on the occasion of the recognition by the United Nations of ‘Vesak’ (the day commemorating the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Buddha), Kunpen Lama Gangchen had the honour of hosting the holy relics of the Buddha. Since then this special event has been commemorated every year.


The Centre is growing more and more thanks to the constant dedication for over 25 years of the Ceccarelli family. Over the years many people have collaborated and have been instrumental in the development of Kunpen Lama Gangchen. Thanks in particular to: Tsetan Gyurme, Patrizia Tursini, Sergio Salerni, Luisella Borgonovo and Riccardo Legnani.

Franco Ceccarelli with Lama Gangchen
Franco Ceccarelli and his mother Valeria with Lama Gangchen
Maurizio Ceccarelli, Tsetan Gyurme and Franco Ceccarelli
Marco Columbro and Lama Gangchen
Riccardo Legnani and Lama Gangchen
Patrizia Tursini

 Lama Gangchen Rinpoche says in one of his slogans ‘Rejoicing is the best investment’ and we hope that joy may increase more and more.