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The Temple of Heaven on Earth is an impressive circular structure designed as a mandala. It is a sacred space of 500 square metres decorated according to the traditional Tibetan Buddhist style. In the centre of the Temple is a column filled with more than 100,000 Brazilian rock crystals, representing the central channel. The walls are completely frescoed with the ‘Tattoo Wall’ technique. Original paintings, found in the most important Indian and Tibetan monasteries of our tradition, are stunningly reproduced and cover every inch of the wall. Looking up at the ceiling it is possible to admire the breathtaking Ocean of Mandala: 108 circular mandalas with a central square mandala of the Five Supreme Healers. The Temple is home to a number of large statues carved in lava stone by a Javanese artist in the Indonesian style of the Borobudur Mandala, a Buddhist temple built in the eighth century. Inside the Temple there are many other precious religious objects from the most important Asian Buddhist countries such as Tibet, China, India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea. In addition to being unique for its beauty and spiritual and artistic wealth, the Temple is also brimming with archetypal symbols that can be used to help us transform our mind. Anyone entering into the Temple is immersed in a special energy of peace.

In the future the Temple will become home to a Peace Culture Museum: a symbol of the vital exchange between Western and Oriental spiritual cultures aiming to uphold and spread common values such as respect, tolerance and inner peace as foundations for world peace. There will also be a conference room to host inter-religious meetings, congresses and conferences. The same building will also house a Wisdom Planetarium reflecting the spiritual world and the positive scientific and humanitarian contributions to it. Just as a planetarium usually reflects the planets and constellations, all the religious and spiritual symbols will be represented on the dome; each star will represent organisations or individuals who have carried out a project for the benefit of humanity and the environment.


“I want to create at Albagnano a sacred place like a mandala.

A sacred place helps us to practice and to receive a special blessing that awakens the purity of our inner mandala.

Coming into contact with a mandala and a holy place, creates a condition that positively directs our mind and helps us to transform it.”

T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Rinpoche