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Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre, offers to all its visitors the opportunity to purchase various types of products at the well-stocked Mani Bhadra Shop. On entering the doors of the shop, you are immediately overwhelmed by scents and colours that invoke faraway lands.

Available in the Shop is a varied range of dharma related articles. In fact, you will find Tibetan singing bowls with their magical sound, dorje and bells, offering bowls and other small items that can be used to enrich any altar. Rich in detail and available in different kinds of materials are statues of Buddha in various forms and manifestations: White Tara, Manjushri, Buddha Shakyamuni etc. Standing out for their beauty are malas in gemstones or different kinds of wood, to hang around the neck or wear on the wrist. Mineral enthusiasts will find a wide range of polished stones and crystals. Unmissable is the wide range of incense, useful to promote well-being and aid meditation. Incense, both in sticks or powder, is available in many different fragrances and types: Indian, Tibetan, Japanese. Inside the shop, there is also a wide range of dharma books including sadhanas and philosophical texts written by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche as well as by other lamas and dharma teachers. Texts are available in various languages: Italian, French, English, Portuguese, German and Dutch.

A space in the store is entirely devoted to the welfare of the body, with a wide range of natural soaps, body and facial creams, fragrant bath and shower gels, as well as shampoos, facial tonics and cleansers… Not to be missed is the corner dedicated to herbal tea, healthy cure-alls for rest and relaxation, for the digestion, to dissolve stress and cleanse the body.

Finally, the shop offers a rich variety of gifts, such as wind chimes, small stationery items, clothing and home textiles and above all beautiful jewellery.
The Mani Bhadra Dharma Shop is open Tuesday to Sunday