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Usui and Chagwang NgalSo Reiki treatments
Indian and Chinese Astrological Consultations
Bach Flower and Australian Flower Therapy, Naturopathy


Usui and Chagwang Ngalso Reiki treatments
with Gabriella Lo Re

Reiki, the “universal energy”, is a natural relaxation technique performed by placing the hands over the body’s energy points and organs. It works on both the physical and mental levels: it is the source of deep relaxation, it helps to overcome stress and it ignites the self-healing processes.The treatment triggers a series of natural synchronization processes that raise physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The aims of the Chagwang NgalSo Reiki treatment are to purify and balance the energies of the body’s five elements.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes


Indian and Chinese Astrological Consultations
with Francesco Prevosti

Tibetan-Chinese element astrology based on the twelve astrological signs and the five elements. Sideral Indian astrology for a deeper knowledge of our self and our potential. Advice on how to make our positive potential emerge and how to limit negative astral influences.
It is advisable to bring a voice recorder. Birth data are required: day, month, year, time and place.
The consultation lasts one and a half hours.

Duration of the consultation: 1 hour 30 minutes


Bach and Australian Flower Therapy, Naturopathy
with Gabriella Lo Re

Floral essences, flowers of the soul, are vibrational remedies for recovering physical and emotional harmony. They were known in ancient Egypt, in India, Asia, South America, and were very popular in medieval Europe. Both Hildegard Von Bingen (XII century) and Paracelsus (XV century) left written testimony to the custom of collecting flower dew as a cure to emotional disorders.

Bach Flowers
Bach flower therapy allows us all to become “therapists of the soul” to heal ourselves and eliminate harmful behavioural patterns with the positive energies of the flowers, while developing better knowledge of our mind and emotions. To transform our attitudes, get out of a negative mental state and reach inner equilibrium, it can often suffice to take a step in the right direction.
Edward Bach intuitively discovered that conscience is based on certain reaction models that are the same for all living beings, plants, animals and humans, and that the flowers of some wild plants contain “something” that is able to re-balance alterated reaction patterns. Bach identified 38 alterated reaction patterns that he divided into 7 groups. These groups include all possible forms of fear, indecisiveness, refusal of reality, loneliness, vulnerability, anxiety, excessive behaviour and attitudes to others.
Physical ills also originate in the disharmony between the psyche and the self, between emotions and feelings, that eventually have repercussions on the body. By treating the deep underlying ailment, the physical illness is healed because it is the result of unbalanced forces that have long been acting from the depths of the soul.

Australian Flower Therapy
Floral remedies have been known since ancient times: Australian aborigines have always used flowers to treat distress or emotional disorders. The Austrialian variety balances the endocrine glands and acts directly on the body.
Australian Bush Flower Essences let us contact our mind and emotions, they let us understand, accept and free ourselves of negative convictions that are present in our subconscious. We can eliminate negative thought patterns and allow good feelings of love, joy, trust, bravery and so on to grow. Our inner balance is thus re-established and true psycho-physical wellbeing emerges.

The array of bio-natural disciplines foster continuing good health and well-being through the application of a variety of natural techniques. Treatments are based on constitutional characteristics, predisposition and functional energy assessments. After the physiognomic analysis, advice is given for a natural healthy diet and lifestyle, and the use of phyto-nutritional supplements.

Duration of each consultation: 1 hour